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Day 1 Start

So I finally woke up early this morning, woke the hubs (it’s literally 4:45 am) and asked if he would walk with me. In only my hubs fashion, he says “sure!” jumps up, throws on some clothes, and is ready to go, like he’s been waiting a lifetime for me to ask.

We sprung out the door, and then the inevitable, “where should we walk to?” I suggest the corner store. Hubs doesn’t think that we will make it there and back in a reasonable time (in hindsight, I EXTRA love this man, he knew I wouldn’t freaking make it to the damn store, but didn’t say that, instead did the whole time-thing, he’s a gem, ya’ll,:) really). I’m feeling super pumped, and ready to go, but agree to start with our block.

Let me just say that we may live on the LONGEST fucking block in the history of mankind! 2,300 steps later, we made it back home. It was the most embarrassing thing ever. I was sweating, SWEATING…after WALKING BRISKLY – not like cute sweating, or glistening, as I prefer to call it,  no, this was full on dripping down the sides of my face sweating – even my forearms were sweaty! So gross, and a horrid reminder of how ridiculously out of shape I really am. On the positive side, you gotta start somewhere, and dangit, I started today. While I was writing this, I found the image above with the quote “sweat is fat crying” which is awesome, and I’m keeping it!

On a side note, I feel AMAZING! Even just that little bit of exercise has me feeling energized, awake, and fabulous. Pretty sure we’re going to do it again when we get home. Can’t wait! I’m going to kick this fat suit’s ass, one bloody, long ass block at a time.

Weigh in today was 301lbs – cue “holy shit, how’d we get here??????” but I realized this morning, it doesn’t really matter how I got here, what matters is what I’m going to do about it.

Keep Hope Alive 🙂

Child Free Parents!!!!!!!!!

So, we’re back from dropping off the kids, got back Monday, which was a holiday, and had to get right back to work Tuesday, so, drumroll…….this is our first kid free weekend!

Cue “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…I know I know, I know I know” you catch my drift. So here is what I plan on doing with the hubs – ready? It’s a run-on for all my fellow grammar sticklers, but guys, I couldn’t help it.

Going to…Deep couch sit, clothing optional, eat food when it is ready, not an hour later when it’s cold, and without little fingers picking food off of my plate, going to watch a WHOLE movie, without pausing it for a million reasons, going to be a SCARY movie, not after bedtime!! I’m going to take an uninterrupted nap without a hot sweaty (precious) baby head tucked deep in my armpit, also going to the grocery store – this is exciting by itself…because we can go up and down every aisle if we want to, and guess what? There will be no 9 year old that has to pee when we’ve just made it thru the freezer section, so all the good frozen food can start melting, or any munchkin toddler boys to poop in their pullups mid grocery shop, and when we get done grocery shopping, there will be no random “kid additives” as we call them, in our basket when we get up to the register that we now have to return to their rightful places in the store! After we do all that grown up ass grocery shopping, we then get to make grown up food!!! And EAT IT…..WHILE IT IS STILL HOT!!!!!! I know, I know, unimaginable.

This is it – we have made it to heaven – I really don’t know how much better it can possibly get.

Oh, bonus, Hubs cleaned up the house earlier this week, and guess what? IT’S STILL CLEAN!!!!! Holy Lord, we have achieved nirvana – I simply can not imagine anything more exciting EVER than what is about to happen this weekend.

And, yes, I cried twice this week because I miss their little butts.

Keep hope alive, they’ll all turn 18 one day, and we’ll get to do this EVERY WEEKEND!!!!!!!